Animals - were created by God, not human property, goods or resources. Christians who are aware of the horrors of crucifixion, must realize the horrors of innocent suffering. Crucifixion of Christ is God's complete identification with the weak, the helpless, and in particular the unjustified suffering which you can not hide.
- Andrew Linzy

God is perfect, and when he says: "You shall not kill", it refers to all living things. This command includes all life, human being or animal. God speaks through His prophets and He does not want us to kill animals. The prophet Isaiah wrote: "Killing the bull is equivalent to killing a man." Interestingly, the Church does not favor this particular part of the Bible, not protesting against killing animals and does not support vegetarians . Simply reading the Bible, anyone can understand that Jesus and His prophets loved animals. Revelations of the prophets is known that animals are in constant contact with their Creator, that they constantly praise Him, and He always loves them. Some people said that animals have no soul, and so materialistic attitude was created. For people, animals became virtually bodies without a soul, which can be used only for food and clothing, and religion allows any cruelty, such as laboratory experiments.

About the fact that Jesus was a vegetarian, and He lived in harmony with animals, is mentioned in many documents. There is an apocryphal work of the early Christians, that is not part of the Bible. In addition, there are many official documents of the Roman Empire, which covered the various movements of Christian persecution, because they practiced the teachings of Jesus and especially vegetarianism as one of the main precepts.
The great church father Jerome, in one of his works written about vegetarianism said the following: "before the flood itself meat consumption was unknown after the flood, our mouths smelt with animal blood, odor emanated from meat .... Jesus Christ, who came at the right time, and stopped this, and to this day, eating meat is forbidden for us. " The apostle Paul wrote in his letter to the Romans: "We know that all creatures breathe and suffer together. Sentient beings waiting in fear when people will realize that they are children of God, that one day all will be released from bondage rebirth and death and they will become infinite free, like true children of God. " John Chrysostom described the Christian life of that time: "They do not shed blood, no killing or slaughter of animals ... They ate bread with their hands raised, and beiau spring water. When they wanted something special to eat, eat fruits and enjoy them. "

In terms of Judaism and Christianity, man, like all animals on Earth was created vegetarian: "Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed which is on the front and the whole earth and every tree that has fruit yielding seed: this will be your food. And to every beast of the earth, all the birds of heaven, and all creatures that move on earth, which have in them a breath of life, I have given every green plant for food."

The only case when Jesus came into conflict with authorities, was in the temple when he drove them all the cattle traders. You can argue that he did, but that fact remains: Jesus has not allowed others to sacrifice animals at Easter. Jesus rejected their claim that by doing so they will talk to God. Twice in the Bible is mentioned that Jesus shares bread at the Easter table, and about the "lamb" nothing was ever said. The first miracle, when the amount of food has increased, there was also the Jewish Passover. Jesus' disciples ask where can buy enough grain to feed everyone, and no word about the lamb. Last Supper of Jesus was also at Easter, ate only bread (and beiau wine), among them was Jesus. It should be noted that Christians in the first three centuries AD, including all ascetics, at Easter Hebrew, eating only bread. In fact, it would be strange if the early Christians would not eat as Jesus Christ himself.

Besides the fact that killing animals - is always murder, and this contradicts the Bible, in fact, in animal industry, they are treated very badly: they are kept in tight places, they are injected hormones, antibiotics, in appalling conditions are managed to the slaughterhouse and cruel slaughtered. All this is not true Christianity.

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