About this site

This site was born from love for animals, from great compassion for their suffering. As a child I had a great affection for animals, I was attracted by their purity, by their sincere way to enjoy every moment of life.
Since college I felt like becoming vegetarian, but this only because I knew that a vegetarian diet leads to good health. Also I never liked the idea of stopping an animal life, to have my stomach full. Especially when there are so many healthy sources of protein from vegetable origin, superior to meat.
Then on TV images, media sources around Easter or Christmas, I saw more and more animals killed : pigs, chicken, sheep, cows, lambs.

I was always been affected and haunted by bloody bodies images, hanging in refrigerating halls, but I alway turned my eyes in some other direction, changing the TV channel, I thought that is not my business, as a single person I cannot do much to stop this massacre. All I could do was: not to eat meat.
These feelings of frustration, indignation, compassion and mercy towards animals huge massacred gathered every year, until I couldn't stand anymore , and I decided not to look away and just look straight at suffering and drama of these beings, feeling their pain, their terror.

Animals Are Not Ours
I decided I had to do something for animals, although my free time is so very short, and I have the days filled with duties and responsibilities. Life unfolds with increasing speed, feeling like there is no time for anything outside the basic duties. And I decided to take the little free time I have to dedicate it to the lambs.
I do not think there is another animal more beautiful, pure and defenseless as a baby lamb.

I'm fascinated by the beauty and innocence of lambs, they heve so many in common with children. They have the same need for affection, protection, are as much helpless as children, have the same purity and innocence in the eyes .... and have the same fear of what might be painful, of what could get them away from their mothers .... and feel pain just like children, and suffer the same way.

I started building this site.
I do not know if it will impress anyone. I do not know if it will help in any way. But it's better than doing nothing. My conscience is more peaceful. Not entirely, can be much more to be done, but at least it's a start.
If even a single animal will go 'unslaughtered from the traditional fair this year, even if a single man will think seriously to reconsider his nutritional options for a vegetarian diet, even if a single person joins my idea of helping animals, then my effort was not in vain.

Then I researched a bit and I saw that we can actively help in our less free time
There are websites of organizations more structured and stronger, we can take as an example.
I will mention here some of them: http://www.mercyforanimals.org/ , www.peta.org, SVR

I recommend you to visit them, they are well documented and have absolutely terrifying videos about the cruelty of how animals are treated.
We can inform other people, can participate in voluntary online, on various social sites, we can tell about how wrong is this system of terror and oppression of animals and we hope that will convince someone to become vegetarian.
Every year, around Easter, people are preparing for the grand feast, buy food and drink among many other food, the traditional Easter lamb. They call it to be "sacrificed".
But what for shall be the lamb sacrificed? For some stomachs to fullfil? The idea of sacrifice of animals belongs to tribal religions, but today, in modern Europe the idea is gone, so it is harder to understand this term.
Actually, they are massacred, killed, butched
Under the term 'sacrificed', people are hiding from the horror of their actions, sounds niceer 'sacrificed' right? Sounds like a great act, a special heroics...
What is heroic and where is the greatness in taking the life of a defenseless baby, in the name of a strange cravings to eat its meat?

If we are going to think a little bit about it, craving is not very consistent with divine will.
Neither TO KILL is not a divine attribute, as a clear commandment in the Bible says "Do not Kill" ... AND NOT ONLY APPLIES TO PEOPLE, but to all living things.
There is nothing great in killing a defenseless baby, completely exposed and dependent on man, it is grotesque and undignified.
The idea that sacrifice of a pure animal, for washing the people sins, is unjustified in all respects.
First it is not justified spiritually, is not justified in terms of God's message and will.
The Word of God, transmitted through the Scriptures does not urge to the sacrificial killing (Hose 6:6) "I desire mercy not sacrifice, and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings"
If Jesus Christ has sacrificed himself from great love for people, so that their sins to be timeless forgiven, and to give them eternal life, that does not mean that we should celebrate His Resurrection perpetuating the suffering of innocent beings.

This is far from the idea of sacrifice ...

There are not the lambs which shall be sacrificed, but symbolically we must sacrifice something from our inner ego, to show our gratitude to God.

Let's sacrifice from our spare time helping those in distress, sacrifice from our budget helping children without parents, to sacrifice our pride forgiving the one who treat us wrong.
We should respect life in all its forms, because life is a miracle ...and we have no right to stop it.
About all these things speaks sacrifice, not about a brutal suppression of a new life barely appeared.

Whether they need it or not, whether they harm their ingestion or they go to hospital because of indigestion, people go to fairs to buy lambs, even buy online, or simply from the supermarket ready skinned.

On every TV channel, radio, on all websites they are talking about the price of lamb, lamb dishes and the famous lamb "should not miss on the table". But it MUST miss the lamb on the table of each of us if we want to celebrate this holy feast with pure soul and heart in peace.
And of course, without bloody hands....

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